Problem Statement

Shipt’s current promo pay model incentivizes bad shopping behavior and fails to keep shoppers motivated, resulting in poor on-time performance and unsatisfied shoppers and members.

Opportunity Statement

Implement a rewards system for shoppers that values high quality performance, resulting in more on time orders while simultaneously creating a more engaging and gratifying experience for shoppers.

Level up to earn more

Bananza Rewards features tiered loyalty levels that earn the shopper more perks, points, and privileges the more they shop and delivery on time.

Instant Gratification

Messages of appreciation, along with the points the shopper has earned, instantly appear once key actions, such as delivering an order on time, are completed. This lets the shopper know Shipt appreciates them and their performance.

Choose your Rewards

Shoppers can redeem their earned points for a number of items in the Banaza Rewards Shop. Items range from gas gifts cards to performance boosters such as late forgiveness or earned points multipliers.